Best Sites to Convert Youtube to MKv

Everyone appreciates viewing videos, beginning from youthful boys to teens and also grown- ups. This is essential because they produce unique and engaging content. But, several video formats are possible, and most of them might not fit your devices; and because of this, some softwares assist in downloading and converting videos into MKV format.

Therefore, we have shown a list of softwares and websites that offers the best services relating to the conversion of YouTube videos to Mkv format to assist you in deciding which software fits your requirements perfectly. If you are searching for quick video conversion at a minimum loss in quality, we will provide you with a list of several softwares and websites that are the most suitable option for you.

These experts and practised sites will enable you to download and convert videos from YouTube and different streaming sites in MKV format and other formats. Then, with the help of simple, effortless steps to follow, your YouTube video will be converted to a display of video and audio formats. Device-specific formats are also recommended to ignore compatibility problems.

List Of Recommended Sites:

Key features to Convert YouTube videos to MKV format

● YouTube to MKV converts in one click.
● YouTube to video conversion lossless quality.
● Convert the YouTube playlist entirely in one go.
● YouTube to video download at a super-efficient and enhanced rate.
● A YouTube video to MKV format will be downloaded in HD and 4K.

Growth of Robotics and Automation in 2021

In 2021, you can presume extensive demand and quicker growth of AI (artificial intelligence) and modern automation technology. As manufacturing is getting too full of development, the serious matter of human resources is also boosting its head. In this circumstance, preceding automation with robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of everything will be the head option for operating industrial production.

Some of the foremost companies working for industry automation with robotics and Artificial Intelligence integration are CloudMinds (USA), Preferred Networks (Japan), and Bright Machines (USA). Industrialization also makes one of the solutions to a better result.


The accelerator individuals appear to agree that robotics will have a main effect on superior manufacturing. We agree the destiny lies in collaboration among humans and robots and not constant automation.

Collaborative agents, or cobots, have built a great effect on how robotics is reflected in production plants.With non-stop efforts on making robots greater human-compatible, industries will maintain on making use of robotics for a huge variety of value-add use cases.

In a few locations, robotics will update human drivers. However, in maximum locations, they’ll augment them. We will see the worth of additives as keeping the human operator, growing their performance, and introducing the product with their very own craft, not obscuring them. It’s counterintuitive; however, a few matters must be made through human hands, and 3-D printing could make that possible at scale.


Allowing people to recognize cognitive duties and automating repetitive and cumbersome techniques will permit production industries to recognition on innovation and steady development.

Automation and upskilling collectively will permit each person of the manufacturing enterprise to recognize on figuring out and fixing challenges that the industries are dealing with in the intervening time or may face some years down the line. Admittedly,

AI and robotics are the underlying drivers of virtual and physical automation, respectively. But at a higher level, automation is maximum impactful while it frees human craft, creativity, or care.

This is wherein the effects can be most obvious withinside the enterprise—taking into consideration remarkable precision and craft ultimately product, new layout directions, and an extra strategic-minded team. Every operator can be a manager, simply not of different people.

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How to leave a channel on Telegram(Windows)?

Telegram is one of the most used online messaging applications that operate like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger apps. This illustrates how you can work with it to send messages to your family or friends when linked to Wi-Fi or your mobile phone data.

Telegram is cloud-based and declares that it takes its safety and accuracy, making it a good option for other popular messaging apps. The Telegram platform launched in 2013, and since then, it has touched the 200 million regular monthly users and consumers.

Telegram’s unique characteristic is safety. It requires that all its activities, including groups, chats, and complete media distributed between members, are entirely encrypted. This means that they won’t be noticeable without being revealed first.

The application additionally lets you install self-destruct timers on media and messages that you share, which can range from one week to two seconds through its in-built feature “Secret Chat“. It also allows end-to-end encryption, giving no trace on Telegram’s servers.

Steps on Windows

  • First of all, open the application Telegram on your windows PC.
  • When all the channels are displayed on your screen, scroll down and choose the channel that you want to leave.
  • Press the right click on the channel and then click on the option of “Leave Channel“.
  • When you select that option, a confirmation box will appear on your screen.
  • Confirm your “Channel Leave” request. By this step, it will disappear from your chat listing.

Through these steps ,you will be able to leave a Telegram channel easily

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SnapChat Latest Update

Snap has published new travel tools coming to Snap, along with an Action bar, Places in Snapmap, Story Replies, and Topics of our Story. It also ensured new AR experiences, such as SnapML creations for the Lens Studio, shared Local Lenses, and the experience to recognize plants and more with a scan.

Action Bar

Snapchat has a new feature of Action Bar, which Snap said is created to provide “high-level navigation” from the time you open the Snapchat application. It is assumed to contextually change based on what you are doing or streaming.

Places in SnapMap

Snap Map is the latest map feature that reveals what your Snapchat mates are up to and highlights Snap stories from the Snapchat association. It is making an update that will attach locations. This feature makes it more natural to find spots that are famous around the world.

A Place Profile covers Snaps from the location, the address, hours of work. Users are also capable of ordering food at Places – through Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats – starting soon in the United States.

Story Replies

Snapchat said it is working out Story Replies to “make it simple to interact with the Snap Stars you are following“. These authors and personalities can then turn your Story Replies into stickers and attach them to their snap stories for things like question and answer gatherings.

Topics of our Story

Our Snap Story is where Snapchat users can offer their snaps and videos about the parties passing around them, and other users can see it all over the world.

They are characterized by the Snapchat team to capture the local event. Snap said more than 3million snaps at a day are shared with “Our Story“. Now, there’s a new method to use a Topic sticker or offer your Snap.

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Best processors 2021

You no longer have trouble spending tons of cash to receive the most suitable processor. Thanks to the seemingly never-ending debate between Intel and AMD, which is tougher than it’s ever been, we’re getting features that are not only stronger than always but also cheaper than before.

There are likewise a lot more extra choices in different businesses. From already made greats to AMD’s and Intel’s newest chips, there’s quite a range out there for the most dependable PC games or the most requiring 4K video editing workloads.

This proposes that it’s simpler for you to get the most suitable processor for your requirements without worrying about what you can afford.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

The war within Intel and AMD has been for years over the best multi-threaded and single-threaded performance. You always thought that you go by AMD for the top-notch multi-threaded performance required for expert and artistic applications. But, if you’re trying to get the maximum performance you can get for the greatest PC games, it was believed that Intel was the best processor for the task.

But the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X might have replaced all that. This CPU might be the greatest alternative that’s available. It’s just as capable with single-threaded jobs as it is with multi-threaded ones. AMD’s Ryzen 5000 performance made this clear, as the company went straight to the ground in on-gaming, with productive applications being most rarely used in the world.

With the assistance of the PCIe 4.0 support, which Intel still hasn’t implemented, the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X leads AMD processors to take the CPU crown finally. With it, there’s no cause to purchase an Intel processor for that gaming PC you’re making.


  • Starting price: $550
  • Series: AMD Vermeer series.
  • Clock rate: 4800 – 3700 Mhz.
  • Support: 64 Bit.

In games, the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is reliable, all appreciation to the significantly advanced IPC. With the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, streaming can be performed together with gaming. But if you want to play games, you are well-advised to take a more brief look at the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X or the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X.

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Best Putlocker Alternatives for Online Movies

Putlocker is one of the great destinations to watch movies and tv shows online for free. But due to several reasons, this website is down and most users are looking for best Putlocker alternatives, and if you are one of them then this article is a blessing for you.

In this article, I am going to share the working alternatives which you use to watch any movies and tv shows for free. These sites provide you with all the latest and older movies with high-quality results. To use this site, you don’t need to create an account not even to provide any of your personal information. So without wasting more time let’s move toward the next section of the article…

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is an online streaming website which was first in the UK in 2011. It is one of the top-visited sites with millions of users per day. Millions of people are using this website to watch their favorite serial and movies for free. But due to several reasons, this website has been blocked in the UK and then their user starts decreasing. 

Best Putlocker Alternatives

  1. Couchtuner
  2. 123Movies
  3. 123Movies
  4. Gledalica
  5. xMovies8
  6. M4uFree


Couchtuner is an online movie and tv show streaming platform that contains thousands of movies that are suitable for the taste requirements of every user. Almost all types of movies from different countries and genres like Comedy, Action, Thrilling, Fighting are available on this website for free. So don’t worry if you are from any country you will get your favorite movie within a single click. 

Most importantly, this site also has a search which helps their visitors to quickly find their interesting movies within a shorter period. 


Like GoMovies, 123Movies website also has the same interface which confuses most users whether they are using 123Movies on the GoMovies website. The homepage of 123Movies is organized in such a way which helps a user to find their interesting categories easily and fast. All Netflix series, serial, movies, and tv shows are available on this website and you can watch them without buying any of their paid subscriptions. 

Apart from that, it has a huge collection of Asian Dramas, Anime, cartoons which makes it on the top of the best free online movie streaming list. 



Mrpiracy is another best online movie streaming website which has millions of visitors daily. Every type of movie, TV-show and soap operas are available on this website and you can watch them without paying a single dime. You can find any movie via selecting your country name, via the release of the year, and also with the alphabet. Just like another streaming site, it has a fast server which helps the user to watch any movies or tv show without getting any buffering issues. 



M4ufree is an online movie and tv show streaming website which offers everything free to its users. To watch any content, you don’t even need to pay a single penny. Its simple user interface helps the user to find their favorite tv show or movie within a single click. More than 30 genres are available on the site. With its country filter feature, you can easily find any movie or tv shows based upon your country. Like if you are from Asia, China, Japan, South Korea you just need to select your country and you will get hundreds of movies.  

Final Thoughts

Well, these are top-notched online streaming websites which we consider the Best Putlocker Alternatives for Online Movies. Yes, there are dozens of sites available on the internet, but we consider these by testing hours and hours. After testing these platforms by our team we listed down it for you. 

So don’t forget to let us know via the comment section which website you are going to try first and which movies or tv show you are watching…

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Gmail History & How to create a Gmail Account?

The USA, UK, and France are considered to have largely contributed to the development of the Internet. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, ARPANET, a precursor to the Internet was developed, only to serve regional academic and military networks, this was later renamed the Internet. The Internet is a network of interconnected computers and has access to a multitude of information and resources. All web services such as social media and electronic mail also work on the Internet.

 Electronic mail or Email for short is a way of sending and receiving emails and messages electronically over the internet. Accessible to those who have an internet connection, this service has changed the way how communication takes place in this modern age. Gmail, is one of these email services after Hotmail, which offers a solution for all your mailing needs, free of charge.

In this article, we will discuss Gmail history, its key features, and how to create a Gmail Account? You can also follow same procedure for account. In a few quick and easy steps. So, read on.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is considered a top-class online web service client, that allows you to send and receive emails, to/from your contacts located in any part of the world. The technology giant, Google, owns Gmail and also offers a free app to users across all mobile OS platforms. The Gmail Mobile Application allows mobile users to access Gmail or Hotmail services on their phones.

Gmail History

Since its test launch in April 2004 and later overcoming the successful trials in July 2009, Gmail currently accounts for more than 1.5 Billion active users, registering an increase from 1 Billion, back in 2016.

This without a doubt, makes Gmail the top and biggest email web service that allows you to communicate with the world, free of charge. The Gmail Mobile App, launched by Google, comes pre-installed on all Android phones.

Key Features of Gmail

Following are some key features of Gmail that you can enjoy using your Gmail Account:

● Security 

● Notification for each email

● Edit and Share

● Web browsing 

● Large storage availability

● Quick filter

● Auto-detection of malware

How to create a Gmail Account?

To create a Gmail account just like creating an account for hotmail, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Search for or simply open it from your chrome browser.
  2. Go to the signup page and click on the signup option.
  3. Enter your first name and then your last name and click on next.
  4. Provide all necessary information like password, date of birth, email suggestion, and security questions, when asked.
  5. Click on next and then enter the verification code.
  6. Now you can set up the backup for your account or simply skip it.
  7. Now your account is created and you can use your account by entering your email and password on the Sign-in page.

If you have any queries, then you can visit and click on the Help option to get all the latest information regarding Sign up options or you can also visit this link to get a better understanding through a video tutorial.