SnapChat Latest Update

Snap has published new travel tools coming to Snap, along with an Action bar, Places in Snapmap, Story Replies, and Topics of our Story. It also ensured new AR experiences, such as SnapML creations for the Lens Studio, shared Local Lenses, and the experience to recognize plants and more with a scan.

Action Bar

Snapchat has a new feature of Action Bar, which Snap said is created to provide “high-level navigation” from the time you open the Snapchat application. It is assumed to contextually change based on what you are doing or streaming.

Places in SnapMap

Snap Map is the latest map feature that reveals what your Snapchat mates are up to and highlights Snap stories from the Snapchat association. It is making an update that will attach locations. This feature makes it more natural to find spots that are famous around the world.

A Place Profile covers Snaps from the location, the address, hours of work. Users are also capable of ordering food at Places – through Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats – starting soon in the United States.

Story Replies

Snapchat said it is working out Story Replies to “make it simple to interact with the Snap Stars you are following“. These authors and personalities can then turn your Story Replies into stickers and attach them to their snap stories for things like question and answer gatherings.

Topics of our Story

Our Snap Story is where Snapchat users can offer their snaps and videos about the parties passing around them, and other users can see it all over the world.

They are characterized by the Snapchat team to capture the local event. Snap said more than 3million snaps at a day are shared with “Our Story“. Now, there’s a new method to use a Topic sticker or offer your Snap.

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